Cento 3532+9242.31

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  • Collection Cento, bathroom sinks collection, designed by Marc Sadler, is simple and versatile and includes bathroom fixtures of different sizes with the aim of satisfying any requirement regarding space. Collection Cento can be installed in any setting and meets ADA compliance making it suitable for private houses, offices, or public areas. Design Plus bathroom sinks collection. Avant-garde.
  • Dimensions
  • 27.6" L x 17.3" W x 34.6" H
  • Features
  • Free Standing Bathroom Vanity Unit (Sink + Console)
  • Sink: Cento 3532
  • Console: Cento 9242
  • Sink in Glossy White
  • Free Standing Console in Matte Black
  • Sink With Faucet Hole
  • Sink With Overflow
  • Designed by Marc Sadler of Italy
  • Made in Italy
  • Other Options | Refer to Technical Specification Sheet
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  • Specifications
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